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Pixiv ID: 6466490 — If I produce anything that would violate dA's terms of service, I may upload there.

Some time ago I thought if I'm going to create things I may as well show them to everyone in case anyone likes them or the concepts therein. Most of my work here centres around a sci-fi paracosm I call GW, of which mostly military affairs are the area of concern for my drawings and writings. I also draw unrelated things, occasionally — usually fantasy character concept art. I'd rather not allow public comments on my profile; if you want to contact me, I'd ask you to send me a note instead.
I was going to place this in my bio, but placing it in the journal will notify watchers when I edit it, which seems more sensible.

So, this entry will serve as something of a to-do listing for my GW paracosm. I've published very little material concerning it, and almost nothing of general interest like a listing of the races, and details on the factions and their history. I will update this entry as I complete things, if I complete them. Minor works like the profiles of individual characters or spaceship types I've done won't be included; this will be a compilation of writings on need-to-know lore for anyone interested in GW (ie. no one, or maybe Saital).

  • Map, 45,000AK — This defines the political state of the galaxy of Eikinada at the time I've adopted as a default period for the present-day.
  • The Arrangement of Warships in Eikinada — This I intend to expand into an entire manual of arms for how space warfare works in GW, as it is the primary topic of concern to the extent that the paracosm is detailed.

  • Map of territories during the Fletchan Civl War, as it's an important period of Teran history and is what I am most likely to make stories and things out of.
  • History of the Irdan Campaign, as it takes place around the 'present day' of 45,000AK, and is again something ancillary works may sprout from.
  • Timeline. Just started this today, and I'll tell you why I haven't done it earlier: these things are annoying to lay out.
  • History of nations, social & economic structure, etc. this wouldn't necessarily tie into the timeline much, but would certainly reference events described within it. I've mostway completed an article on the social divisions of Fletcha, but it's a piece that presumes a lot of knowledge out of context, so it's rather pointless to share as it presently stands.
  • Descriptive list of races & illustrations.
  • List of people, ie. historical figures.

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